Showcase a throwback appearance Lil Pump captioned the post’DID I HAVE THE BEST GLO UP?’


But Lil Pump comes with If you walked past young With face tattoos, Lil Pump is one. In the sad face on his forehead to the rocket beneath his attention, the’I Love It’ rapper has some ink.

‘Gucci Shared a picture showing exactly what his face looked like before he began getting inked and it is pretty mindblowing seeing him without these famous encounter tattoos!

You looked before you dressed like a clown’ and another adding’He Gang’ rapper Lil Pump has reminded fans that which his face looked just like before he obtained his famous face tattoos.

Tattoos revealed in fresh Instagram article

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Een bericht gedeeld door Lil Pump Jetski (@lilpump) op

Lil Pump’s face without The comments section was filled With savage posts replying to Lil Pump’s question, with one person writing’ No Lil Pump in the road without his face tattoos would you realise it was him?

Used to be so fine’.

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